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MPOWR is a team of engineers, thinkers, explorers and podcasters. We approach each day asking ourselves how and why… and then who, and how again. We use what we learn to create exceptional web-based products that connect ideas to people, people to independence, and organizations to growth

Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor
Software Product Manager

Brian specializes in application architecture, infrastructure systems, and software development. And we’re lucky he does. With years of experience of agile project management and consultation, Brian is helping us develop and deploy our software solutions, so our customers can see collaboration happen. Fluent in tech program languages and web/business systems, Brian uses his education in business and web development to take our technology to the next level.

Midwestern cred: Since launching his career, Brian’s helped numerous Midwestern companies take their technology to the next level
MPOWR® Superlative: Most likely to be the lead singer of a rock band

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