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MPOWR is a team of engineers, thinkers, explorers and podcasters. We approach each day asking ourselves how and why… and then who, and how again. We use what we learn to create exceptional web-based products that connect ideas to people, people to independence, and organizations to growth

Dave Franklin
Dave Franklin
Vice President of Information Technology

Dave is one of the brightest and most creative IT professionals you’ll ever meet. He’s a disrupter—the kind whom you want on your team, always looking to challenge existing ideas, systems, and technology in order to develop something new, more efficient, and meaningful. Dave began as a self-made IT programmer and software engineer and later extended his business and management experience with a Bachelor of Science in Management from Upper Iowa University and a Professional Development Certificate in Executive Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Midwestern cred: An avid fan of Wisconsin sports, his Illinois colleagues frequently roll their eyes
MPOWR® Superlative: Most likely to injure himself in next year’s Tough Mudder

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