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MPOWR is a team of engineers, thinkers, explorers and podcasters. We approach each day asking ourselves how and why… and then who, and how again. We use what we learn to create exceptional web-based products that connect ideas to people, people to independence, and organizations to growth

Eric Vance
Eric Vance
Director of Business Development

If you’re looking for the most customer-centered advocate around, Eric’s the one you want in your corner. With a successful initial career in education, Eric moved from being a fantastic teacher to a fantastic principal. Earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Aurora University, Eric moved from the educational realm to software sales for middle schools and high schools. Always keeping his clients’ needs in mind, Eric ensures his customers are cared for all the way through the sales process. And no one on the team keeps people smiling better than Eric.

Midwestern cred: When the weather is good, Eric can be found riding his amazing Victory motorcycle through the prairie roads of Illinois
MPOWR® Superlative: Most likely to make everyone laugh with just one punchline

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