Consulting and Goal Maps

MPOWR Consulting Services

MPOWR Consulting Services are designed to help maximize your investment in our cloud-based technology solution. Our associates have years of experience working with human service agencies and backbone support organizations and have gathered countless best practices and lessons learned. We provide strategic vision facilitation, implementation tactics, knowledge frameworks, and proven methods of case management and project management.

Our consulting services can also be used for human service agencies who want to collaborate to affect a collective impact. We believe that true collaboration is made possible and effective by sharing data. Our experts have designed a simple three-step strategy which includes expert guidance on:

  1. Planning and creating success solution templates customized to your organization’s unique needs and circumstances.
  2. Evaluating and understanding collaborative partners in your continuum.
  3. Building a collaborative and successful backbone support organization.

Goal Maps

At MPOWR, we understand that every agency has a set of unique goals related to its individual mission. Goal Maps are tools that create structure and measure an aligned strategic vision by connecting it to action plans within MPOWR. Goal Maps ensures each agency is aligned and focused where it is uniquely capable, not competing with collaborating partners or creating redundant efforts.

Goal Maps allows agencies to record desired outcomes, create tactical plans and manage actionable steps to carry out collective impact plans. Through this process, MPOWR facilitates meaningful, effective collaboration made possible by sharing this information on an ongoing, real-time basis.