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Public Safety

Empowering public safety initiatives

Our data-driven software can provide correctional facilities and public safety oraganizations cost-effective solutions

Monitor progress towards rehabilitation

Track a participant’s attendance to a recovery group and create actionable-milestones for them to strive for.

Create safety awareness programs

Public safety organizations can create classes with start and end dates, maximum capacity, number of sessions, location, and much more.

Manage a youth’s goal path to employment

Ensure that at-risk youths are building the necessary skills for future employment by monitoring completion of steps in a goal plan.

Record resources given to local law enforcement

Inventory tracking allows case managers to manage what technology has been implemented as well as the success of the tech to reduce crime rates.

Identify trends that contribute to gang activity

Visualize a participant’s educational level, gender, mental health, and race with our up-to-the-minute analytics and graphs.

Improve communication between organizations

Our software can streamline communication between agencies, ex-offenders, and community correctional facilities.

Mitigate risks with actionable-data

Our data-driven case management tool provides clear oversight over the entire offender, troubled youth, or recovering addict lifecycle.

Eliminate inefficient, paper-based processes

Upload and manage client documents in-browser. Enter case notes per participant so initiative partners can stay on the same page.

Case management for collective impact

Evaluate, achieve and coordinate your initiative’s goals more efficiently with real-time, team-wide collaboration.

Add and share goal plans

Create actionable tasks, assign a participant to a goal, set start and finish date, choose type of graph and much more.

Share files and information

Quickly invite team members to view, download and manage client documents.

Refer participants

Streamline the referral process between participating agencies.

MPOWR helps you serve the community

Neighborhoods suffering high crime rates
Communities needing to reduce gang activity
Individuals recovering from alcohol and drug abuse

Seamless shared doing for your entire team and partners

Simple, intuitive collaboration tailored to the needs of each participating agency for better overall results.

Eliminate miscommunication

Partnerships with a lot of moving parts can lead to confusion. We solved that with a single data source and internal messaging system.

Tackle issues together

Organizations can see what is being worked on and get real-time information about a client's journey to success.

Single source of truth

Stay in sync and accelerate your workflow by sharing goals, case notes, client profiles, and much more for better team-wide collaboration.

Success stories in Public Safety

Hundreds of agencies are migrating to MPOWR and empowering their team with real collective impact.

Agencies running on MPOWR

Rockford Housing Authority
City Mission (Schenectady, NY)
Essentia Health
United Way of Freeborn Country
Impact Phoenix
Healing Center Cincinnati