State of Collaboration

What’s Wrong?

The current state of collective impact and social service collaboration is failing to move the needle on desired social change. Backbone Support Organizations at the core of collective impact collaboratives are too often operating in data gather mode only. Many are not practicing true collaboration, even though they preach it. Coordinating agencies with common measurement is not enough. Marrying action at the individual level with strategic community goals is needed to produce true collective impact. Without shared doing, agencies continue to operate in their silos, failing to see how they are part of a bigger picture.

These challenges are not insurmountable, as many collaboratives around the country have adopted a shared doing methodology to tackle extreme societal ills. We can learn from their results and all strive for a world where true collective impact is prominent.

How it Should Be

It’s more than keeping score, it’s about changing how we play the game. MPOWR is creating a positive disruption to social sectors that have not experienced positive change in decades. We can help agencies navigate through the ever-changing social service environment. Our methodologies and technologies create sustainable change, and our years of lessons learned have led to robust solutions to combating social ills.

What makes MPOWR different is its ability to produce shared data in real time in a safe, secure, and most importantly, selective manner based on participant preferences. Gone are the days of data dumps and data consolidations being viewed as “collaboration.” MPOWR fosters culture changed via a common communication technology platform.

With MPOWR as the central nervous system, strong collaboratives like the Northside Achievement Zone are positively moving the needle. They do this with common vision, shared targets, continuous communication, and true collaboration across all agencies in the community.