Align strategic goals across your organization – and execute your plans.
Manage your case load, pro‐actively achieving results while maintaining privacy.
With MPOWR, see change happen.
See strategy execution happen. MPOWR Envision redefines what it means to put strategic plans into action. Individuals and teams across your entire organization can now align their daily, weekly and monthly goals to your strategic plan improving the overall performance of your company.
Throw away old, dusty binders stuffed with slides and spreadsheets. Your organization is growing and you need to manage that growth.
MPOWR Envision is technology to drive your strategic vision and improve performance across all levels and functions.
See collaboration happen. MPOWR Engage is an easy‐to‐use collaborative case management platform that helps you work with other agencies to define and achieve individual participant goals and plans.
Your social service agency has a mission to serve its participants — to help them move up and into a better place. In order to succeed, you must collaborate with other agencies and use resources wisely.
With MPOWR Engage, communities see better outcomes and
achieve true collective impact.
Rockford Rescue Mission
United Way
Northside Achievement Zone
Crusader Community
Essentia Health

More than just software — we help bring change

We are assisting impactful initiatives and changing the culture with real results, all while saving time and money for you.

Driving Success

Discover how we set your team up for success and deliver the best value.

Real social change

Inter-agency collaboration is the key to creating real, impactful culture change.

Market-leading software

We know what a case management platform can and should be. That’s why we do it better.

Fluid collaboration between agencies

Achieve goals more efficiently with real-time, in-browser case management collaboration. Seamlessly bring teams together with cloud-based data sharing and much more.

Establish common goals

Identify, share, and track progress toward shared goals.

Secure Release of Information (ROI)

Participant-defined data sharing across agencies that respects privacy rules.

Refer participants

Streamline the referral process between participating agencies.

Simple web-based management

With MPOWR, management is a breeze. Tracking, sharing, and maintaining data has never been as simple or secure.

Save paper, keep documents online

Keep your workflow fluid — no longer switch between paper and online documents.

Easily access from a browser

Our software can be accessed from any browser so wherever you go, your agency's information will follow.

Data all in one place

View, add and collaborate with information all in one central hub.

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Time-saving, goal-oriented features

Manage goals, inventory, permissions, clients and much more without any stress. Guaranteed.

More features
Backed by the highest security standards

The MPOWR platform is built to ensure your agency's data is secure. Your team will be setup with the right permission levels so they can do their best work.

Tailored to your goals

Custom configured for each client a flexible system focused on your community and participant goals.

Built for performance and scale

We help power hundreds of agencies in nearly every industry. Whatever the size of your organization, we've built MPOWR to handle its unique requirements.

Monitor & Report

Actively track progress toward goals for participants, teams, agencies, or initiatives for a results-focused experience.

Import and export data

Maintain your current data structure while sharing your new-found results.

Customize dashboard

Configure settings to maximize sucess.

Real-time insights

All data reflects up-to-the-minute usage. Get answers in seconds and make decisions faster.

Monitor progress

Visualize your agency's progress by tracking how many goals have been met.

fostering education
revitalizing communities
, MPOWR is helping thousands bring meaningful change

Sherry Pitney

With open collaborations we can easily access notes from other agencies to effectively and efficiently manage the completion of set goals for our guests.

Executive Director
Rockford Rescue Mission
Shelton Kay

We really appreciate the ability to track our patient’s connections to other homeless service providers… as well as identify gaps in person’s journey out of homelessness.

Director of Community Services
Crusader Clinic
Michelle Martin

Only through a comprehensive, user-friendly, coordinated system like MPOWR can we truly see the whole story and take effective action to support progress.

Northside Achievement Zone