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On-Demand Webinar, Digitizing Your Strategy in Higher Education

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View our “Digitizing Your Strategy in Higher Education” virtual conversation where our team of strategy experts—and former higher ed faculty—will share their recommendations on how to prioritize and digitize strategy delivery in higher education.

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Overcoming Barriers to Digitizing Your Strategy

As our world continues to digitally transform, strategic plans—either lost in spreadsheets or sitting in dusty binders on shelves—have been left behind. How can you effectively execute your strategy and actually see results happen when your strategy design is stuck in manual documents?

It’s time to prioritize and digitize strategy delivery, so you and your teams can successfully implement as well as to measure your goals and objectives. Our strategy executives will discuss common barriers to digitizing your strategy and solutions to overcoming them now and in the future. They will also share tips to use when evaluating technology for strategy implementation.

Culture of Strategy Execution Digital Series

About The Series: Join our team for an insightful series on creating a culture of execution.


Recover Your Strategy Digital Series

In this summer digital series, the team from MPOWR Envision® returns to answer the most pressing strategy and planning challenges facing organizations around the world. We’ve all responded in our own way to the pandemic, and now it’s time to move forward. But how to we approach the idea of reopening, rebuilding, and ultimately…recovering?

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Become a champion user of MPOWR Envision Strategy Software through this playlist. These video tutorials are designed to help you get the most out of using MPOWR Envision. Once completed you will have the tools and knowledge to grow your business and organizational strategy through the software.