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When leadership commits to dedicating time and resources to the governance of your strategy and its execution, you will see results happen.

joseph james partners - rockford market

A City Reborn: How One Real Estate Company is Transforming Downtown Rockford into a Thriving, Family-Friendly Destination

Downtowns indicate and affect the overall health of a community: they are the key to future economic success and provide an element of cultural identity. Joseph James Partners’ goal is to preserve Rockford’s rich history and reinvent its future through the redevelopment and repurposing of historic buildings. By using MPOWR Envision, Joseph James Partners has began executing its strategy and transforming downtown Rockford.
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Rocktown Adventures kayaking

Adapting to Demands Through a Customer-Centric Retail Landscape

Rocktown Adventures has been serving its community as a specialty outdoor retailer and outfitter since 2014. What started out as a simple idea to increase the health, economy, and appreciation for Rockford, Illinois, has evolved –thanks to MPOWR Envision– into a lifestyle brand, complete with selling gear and equipment in-store and online, providing workshops and how-to instructional classes, and leading overnight excursions for kayakers and backpackers.
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A Culture Transformation: How SupplyCore Inc. Re-Envisioned Strategy Execution

Back in 1998, SupplyCore was an 11-year-old company, a distributor to the aerospace and defense industries, and it was generating sales of $2 million a year. After shifting to a strong emphasis on strategy execution with the help of MPOWR Envision, the company hit $58 million within three years, and has kept growing ever since.
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From Chaos and Stress to Successful Strategy Execution That Exceeds Sales Goals

Mister Analytics understands that executing strategy is critical for growth. As experts in product development and project management consulting services, Mister Analytics has seen firsthand the results of clients using MPOWR Envision. By aligning teams, communicating KPIs, and keeping the focus on strategy, one client exceeded sales goals by $20,000 in the first month of software implementation.
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