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We Were Our First Customer.

Back in 2000, our founder and CEO, Peter Provenzano, knew there had to be a better way to manage strategy execution. SupplyCore Inc., his family’s defense contracting small business, was experiencing high growth. So much so that during the same year, Inc. named SupplyCore one of America’s fastest-growing companies at #137 on the Inc. 500 list.

After this exciting recognition, Inc. invited Peter to join its CEO Peer Group. It was through this experience, reporting to the group on a quarterly basis about SupplyCore’s strategy, which led Peter to the realization that traditional methods of managing strategy execution through word processing templates and spreadsheets were not providing the visibility, transparency, and alignment he and his leadership team needed around SupplyCore’s execution of its strategic plan.

“Why is strategy and its execution treated like an afterthought, something we take out and put away only periodically throughout the year?” questioned Peter. “We need a new way to manage strategy execution – a way to balance looking through the windshield at what’s on the hood with what’s down the road.”

Therefore, in true Midwestern-get-it-done style, Peter worked closely with members of SupplyCore’s IT Team to develop the first generation of a powerful strategy execution software. Known as Goal Maps, this software transformed the way in which the company approached and managed strategy execution. However the software did something else; it helped transform SupplyCore’s environment into a culture of execution.

Fast forward to today, our team has enhanced our software, now known as MPOWR Envision®, and its capabilities throughout the last three decades, so it can help other organizations—large and small, non-profit and for-profit—execute their strategies while creating a culture of execution. In addition, MPOWR Group LLC is now a sister company to SupplyCore.

And what about SupplyCore? Thanks to our strategy execution software, the company continued to grow, making the Inc. 500 four more times (ranking as high as #17), joining the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame, and ranking on the Inc. 5000 for four consecutive years.

Our Mission

We develop technology to MPOWR® individuals, organizations, networks and communities to improve outcomes and achieve systems change.

Our Vision

At MPOWR®, we aspire to redefine how people develop and execute plans to realize greater efficiency and prosperity. We accomplish this by producing market leading systems that facilitate strategy execution and goal achievement.

Our Values

We foster a results oriented, transparent and respectful environment anchored in honesty, curiosity, and humility. We value continuous improvement. We put the company’s interest before our own agendas. We promote personal growth that advances the organization’s goals.

MPOWR Envision’s Years in the Making…


SupplyCore makes Inc. 500 for the first time (#137); Peter is invited to join Inc.’s CEO Peer Group.


SupplyCore has used its homegrown strategy execution software, Goal Maps, for two years making the Inc. 500 two more times (#42 in 2002 and #17 in 2002).


SupplyCore has made Inc. 500 two more times (#19 in 2003 and #430 in 2004) for a total of five consecutive years and joins the elite Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.


SupplyCore acquires MPOWR and renames its technology and innovation division by that name. Through the acquisition, Peter purchases the MPOWR Legacy case management software (later renamed MPOWR Engage).


SupplyCore is recognized again by Inc. – this time on the Inc. 5000 (#1951).


SupplyCore’s IT Team has further developed Goal Maps, adding functionality throughout the previous years, and renames it MPOWR Envision. SupplyCore ranks #1389 on the Inc. 5000.


MPOWR Envision develops a beta program of customers who adopt the software and provide vital feedback to our development team. SupplyCore ranks #1939 on the Inc. 5000.


MPOWR Envision’s software and services launch to the public. MPOWR, now comprised of a full software and services team, starts to help other organizations improve their outcomes through strategy execution. For the fourth consecutive year, SupplyCore makes the Inc. 5000 (#4228).


Organizations from a variety of industries are seeing results happen by using MPOWR Envision and our strategy execution services. MPOWR Group LLC is now officially SupplyCore’s sister company, and the MPOWR Team continues to provide our software with exciting product releases, relevant thought leadership, and meaningful (in-person and virtual) events.

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See how MPOWR Envision can help you create a culture of execution that instills accountability, ownership, and decision-making.

See It Happen

Request a Demo to see your plan in action

See how MPOWR Envision can help you create a culture of execution that instills accountability, ownership, and decision-making.