Strategy Workshops

Comprehensive workshops throughout strategy-execution lifecycle

Workshops That Fit Your Organizational Needs

Strategic Plan Audit

We’ll review your current plan and provide feedback on areas to explore, areas to expand and areas to expunge. This workshop is especially meaningful if you don’t feel you need to redo your plan but rather that you just need to re-align and re-adjust.


  • Recommendations for strategy, vision, & KPIs
  • Mini-organizational assessments



5 Pillars Organizational & Cultural Assessment

You understand the importance of culture in an organization and know that in order to execute a plan, you need a robust environment in which to do that.


  • Administration of cultural assessments to identify communication or operational silos
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Assistance with a plan of action

Mission, Vision, & Values Workshop

The bedrock statements of any organization are Mission, Vision, and Values. This workshop helps you evaluate and re-craft those statements, ensuring everyone is engaged in what your organization is trying to accomplish.


  • Defining each element with clarity
  • Working to effectively craft each statement
  • Practice writing each statement w/ analysis

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Objectives and KPI Workshop

Measuring and monitoring your progress can’t happen without solid objectives and KPIs that focus on your organization’s progress. 


  • Leading & lagging indicators – when and why
  • Measurable objectives – what and why
  • Frequency of measure – what and how often 




Critical Success Factor Workshop

Critical Success Factors are things your organization must ‘get right’ in order to be successful, often comprised of different measurements that cross operational & organizational boundaries. 


  • Identifying CSFs and their contributors
  • Understanding what needs to be measured
  • Ensuring measurements are properly linked



X-Ray Quarterly Reflection

We’ll help your team review progress from the past quarter and identify the critical focus areas for the next quarter that will best move your organization forward. This workshop is made for those who want to incorporate an ongoing quarterly reflection on performance and have a laser focus going into the next quarter. 


  • X-Ray template administration and analysis 
  • A comprehensive look at constraints identified
  • An overview of the next 90 days of focus

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