Posted/Revised: August 10, 2020


GENERAL The MPOWR Referral Agent Program offers authorized MPOWR Referral Agents a one-time commission when a new MPOWR customer that they refer to MPOWR purchases or subscribes to eligible products or services and remains a customer for a designated period of time. There is no cost to become a Referral Agent and no limit to the number of new customers the agent can refer. ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Any Products and Services not noted below as specifically included are excluded from this Referral Agent Program.

Product or Service Name
MPOWR Envision: Essentials Edition
MPOWR Envision: Professional Edition
MPOWR Envision: Enterprise Edition

CONTACT US For more information on the MPOWR Referral Agent Program, or to register to become an MPOWR Referral Agent, please contact us at: