Define Segments Template

How to Define Your Segments

Segments are the ways in which you find it easiest to look at your organization to understand whether or not it is carrying out its mission, vision, and values. Learn How to Define Segments with the template below!

define segments

Divide and Conquer

There are a variety of ways to view your organization so before choosing your segments, it’s important to consider what it is you want to accomplish. Our downloadable guide will help you consider several segmentation strategies and help you choose the functions that will best activate your team.



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Download the Template

Learn more about setting your organizational segments with our downloadable guide.

What's in the Guide

What role do segments serve?

Learn how your organizational segments help monitor and compartmentalize strategic plans.

Writing Tips

When crafting your segments, choose groupings that occur naturally within your organization. Our guide will help identify your best bets for defined segments.

Additional Resources

Examples of clearly defined segments to help inspire your planning and development.