Tactics and Action Items Template

Identify and Write Tactics or Action Items

The final step to create your strategic plan is crucial for daily operations. To identify and write your tactics or “action items” is to create a plan for daily operations.

Write your own tactics or action items. Download the template!

Creating Effective Tactics

Our guide presents two crucial questions to ask yourself when writing tactics for your strategic plan and lets you assign tactics to specific strategies and objectives.

To maximize effectiveness of this guide, be sure to complete the strategies and objectives worksheet prior to start.


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Download the Template

Learn more about setting your business planning strategies with our downloadable guide.

What's in the Guide

What Role Do Tactics Play?

Learn how your tactics stem from strategies and objectives.

Writing Tips

What should you consider when writing tactics? Our guide poses two crucial questions to ask before forming your action items.

Additional Resources

Examples of effective tactics to help inspire your planning and development.