Strategy Consulting

Create a Culture of Execution

Effective strategy execution comes as a result of marrying the strengths and talents of leaders and their teams together with clear, easy-to-use technology tools, engaging all levels in plan execution. The Power of Many Over The Power Of Few.

Distributed ownership of strategy means goal achievement. Ultimately everyone is part of the strategic plan. Align the organization. Use technology to enable both transparency and visibility in order to understand progress and adapt to change.

We understand that organizational success = culture x strategy x execution (Harvard Business Review) which is why we always start with culture when assessing an organization’s ability to effectively execute.

“The most frequently cited barrier to implementing strategy is culture.”

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and the Brightline Initiative

Understanding a Culture of Execution

Your organizational culture is a critical part of successful strategy execution. Without the right environment, your strategy will remain simply ideas in a spreadsheet or dusty binder.

We believe there are five pillars to support a Culture of Strategy Execution:

  1. Cohesive Leadership
  2. Involvement of many/all
  3. Engagement
  4. Clear Communication Pathways
  5. Distributed Decision Making and Action Taking

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Strategy Consulting Services

By matching one or several of our services in conjunction with our software, our experts can help guide you through a process that is right for you and your organization. Take a look at how you and your team can See It Happen.

Execution Accelerator

These services are designed to help you and your team build a culture of execution in your organization. Our team of consultants and software experts will work with you to lay the groundwork to achieve your strategic goals using Envision. Our 90-day program is structured to take into account your specific needs and current culture and help you with a plan of action to keep your team engaged with strategy.

Services Offered According To Need:
  • Cultural Assessments and Recommendations
  • Existing Plan Assessments and Recommendations
  • Software Guidance and Walk-Thrus
  • Team Strategy Coaching
  • Engagement Tips and Tricks

The Full Strategic Planning Package

Our full-service strategy planning is for those who need an outside professional facilitator to help the leadership team and their teams create an executable strategic plan. Pair this package with our Execution Accelerator to effectively achieve your new goals.

Services Offered According To Need:
  • Detailed Cultural and Plan Assessments with Recommendations
  • Pre-Planning Preparation and Coaching
  • Establishment of Goals and Measurements
  • Full Facilitated Session(s) According To Need
  • Communication and Engagement Tips and Tricks
  • Software Guidance and Walk-Thrus
  • Quarterly Review Follow-Up Sessions

Custom Strategy Consulting

In this service, your executive leadership works directly with one of our strategy professionals, custom designing a strategy program of execution to assist you in taking strategy to the next level.

Services Offered According To Need:
  • Custom executive (team) year-long strategy coaching
  • Detailed Cultural and Plan Assessments
  • Execution Failure Analysis
  • Establishment of Goals to Change to Execution Culture
  • Detailed Communication, Alignment, and Transparency Plans
  • Development of In-House Change Agent to Facilitate Cultural Shift

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