Meet Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis

Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Engagement

As our chief government guru, Bryan advocates for a wide range of policy issues on Capitol Hill. Promoting positive local and state policies and practices as well as vital causes in support of small businesses, Bryan is also our biggest cheerleader. He loves to talk about what we do and who we help, and his dedication to our industry and his fellow associates is contagious. A decorated and former captain of the U.S. Army Reserve and Illinois National Guard, Bryan also served for two decades as the Deputy Chief of Staff for former Congressman Don Manzullo. With degrees in political science and economics from Northern Illinois University, he also earned a Master’s of Public Administration from NIU.

Midwestern cred: Loving the Rock River Valley, Bryan has raised his family here.

Bryan’s MPOWR superlative:
Most likely to stay in tune with politics, news, and his favorite iTunes.