Plan to Execute eBook

An executive handbook to develop and execute strategy.

There’s no question: better performing organizations are always better at executing strategy. And yet, many organizations are in the dark when it comes to how — and if — their strategy is actually getting executed.

The aim of this strategy handbook is to provide a practical guide for successfully developing and executing strategy. Rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel, this guide consolidates and simplifies existing research and best practices in a practical and succinct manner.

stategy handbook

Topics Covered Include:

  • The importance of Mission, Vision & Values
  • Developing strategic goals
  • What happens after the strategic plan is done
  • Evaluating strategy execution on a daily basis
  • Straight talk on technology

From laying out the strategic planning process to demonstrating how to eliminate the strategy execution gap through technology, this handbook delivers insights and tips you can put into action today.

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What's in the Guide

Written By Strategy Experts

The Strategy Handbook was written by MPOWR Envision’s VP of Strategy Jeff Fahrenwald. 

Strategy Principles 

Find out what you can do every day to work towards the achievement of your organization’s strategic goals.

Understanding Strategy Frameworks

Learn examples of different strategy frameworks to find the best fit for your organization.