Brittany Ray, Author at MPOWR
May 16, 2022

Stuck in the Same Old? Get Real Change with the Kotter Model

If you need your organization to make a major change, the Kotter Model’s 8-step guide is the resource to use.
November 19, 2021

The #1 Question People Forget to Ask When Choosing Software

When vetting software, organizations often forget to ask about customer success and customer services supports. What's the difference and why are they each important?
December 16, 2020

The Importance of Strategy Software in Your Business

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review discovered that only 20% of companies accomplish 80% or more of their strategic goals. How can organizations accomplish more?
October 20, 2020

Goodbye Business Plan. Hello Strategy Map! [with Strategy Map Examples]

Strategy mapping is a tool to show corporate stakeholders the overall business strategy from an internal and external perspective.